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Height Growth Plus: #1 Height Increaser
Chocolate Flavour for Boys & Girls

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  • Activates Growth Promoters Naturally.
  • Increase Bone Growth and Density Density.
  • Makes Bone Thick & Strong.
  • Height Growth through Cartilage Support.
  • Improves Height and Body Postures.
  • Makes Spine lengthy, Healthy and Strong.
  • Supports Brain Development.
  • Reduce Body Fat.
  • Better IQ & Learning Capabilities.
  • Prevent Joints Pain.
  • Keeps Heart Safe & Healthy.
  • Anti Aging.
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The Easy Solution To Permanent Height Increase On-The-Go!

  • Height Growth Plus™ is a dietary supplement that Activates Growth Promoters Naturally and provides full nutrients for Bone & Joints support and thus increases height.
  • Height Growth Plus™ is an exclusive formula that may increase height even after puberty.
  • 50+ ingredients, proprietary blend & rare and precious herbs.
  • This combination of ingredients can help increase body resistance and immunity effectively.
  • Thereby it not only helps to achieve maximum height naturally but also supports overall health.
  • Height Growth Plus works by supplying to bones with nutrients they need to unleash their potential.
  • With the purchase of Height Growth Plus, Get eBook- “Secrets to increase height” FREE.
  • No Side Effects: 100% Safe, Pure & Natural. 

SUMMARY: “Genetics(60-70%) plays an important role to increase height but genetics is not everything. Rest of (30-40%) like Proper Nutrition intake, several best height increasing exercises and activating some other height growth factors helps to grow taller”.

Height Growth Plus™ effectively Targets 12 Main Area of Growth & thus may help to increase height:

  • Boost Growth Promoters Naturally
  • Regenerate Bones, Bone Tissues and Muscles Growth
  • Makes Bone Thick and Stronger
  • Growth in Joints and Cartilage
  • Makes Spine Lengthy, Healthy & Strong
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Supports Brain Development.
  • Keep Heart Healthy
  • Super Charge Metabolism
  • Make Natural Body Building
  • Improve Height & Body Postures
  • Antioxidant support

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19 reviews for Height Growth Plus

  1. Shivam Singh

    I increase my height 2.1 inches after using this and also I am feeling very strong… My age is 19.. After using continously 89 days now I am 5 feet 8 inch before taking dis i was only 5 feet 6 inches… So now I am feeling very strong and proud… Thanks height growth plus for ur help… And also thanks for helping other whose wants to increase height after 18 years or before 18 years… Your item is fabulous i am giving you a 10 out of 10…

  2. Saurav Ansul

    I’m completed this height growth plus full course and i saw its working and my height grown 2.5+ inches and i recommend all who suffer short height problem. After trying 3 different height increase, i finally get a product which is awesome. The other best part of height growth plus is they give 100 days guidance to follow simple and best exercises, diet plan which helped me to get my good height, also for a fit, healthy body.

  3. Rashid Zamal

    When I was not taking Height Growth Plus my life was really disturbed, my school mates, friends they use to make fun of me at every moment but from the last 4 months everything Is changed for me, my Height Increased by 11.16 cm. I am really happy about this awesome change.
    Thank you Height Growth Plus For Changing my Life

  4. Kallan Kumar

    I have order full course bcz my friend suggest me height growth plus. He has increase his height 3.9 inches. He is 20 years. Umeed hai meri bhi km se km 3 inch height to bdhegi. 90 days k bad feedback share krunga.

  5. Jyoti kumari

    My age is 21, I’m using Height Growth Plus from last 65 days and i saw a good change in my height of 4cm, I’m really happy with this result.
    Thanks alot Height Growth Plus.

  6. Guddu

    Bahut acha product hai. Thoda mahenga hai pr paisa wasul hai…meri height phle 5″3 inch thi, height growth course krne k bad meri height ab 5″7 inch ho gyi hai or sehat kafi sahi ho gyi hai. Dil se dhanyabad height growth plus.

  7. Akash

    Broo.. Plz help mee bro my age is 19only.who has increased their height with this product plz message me on whatsapp on this n.o 8686381407…if you really increased height .then only message me.. One message help mee a lot plzz (it’s real or fake)

  8. Sami

    I am Sami, 22 year old. Now my height is 5.6″. Let me tell you my experience with height growth plus. I have tried many height increase supplement from market. Some capsules, tablets, yoga, excercise just to get 2 or 3 inch.Some cost me 2700, some 4000, some even 9999. They all gave me 100% money back guarantee if height donot increase. So in hope to increase height, tried all one by one. Neither my height increase even 1 inches nor they return my money. Then I got to know no one give money if product donot work. I was 1 year ago totally lost hope to increase height. On 18 June 2019, I recieved a courier. My brother , who is engineer in gurgaon comoany has sent me . I open the courier pack, got this height growth plus. I again thought aa gya 1 or bewakoof bnane wala😊. He said just try and follow eBook seriously. My hope again alive and started start drinking height growth plus drinking and following guidance. Within week something good feeling I started feeling inside my body. I was feeling little bit healthly and inside strong. I was happy nd excited but after 30 days, I measure my height but no height increase. I called my brother and told him no height increase. He said just completed 100 days. In hope I was doing all this. 60 days completed and just waiting to see either my height increases or not. I measure and I got 1 inch increase. I was so happy I cant Express that happy feeling. I called my brother and thanks him. Now after completing 100 days, my height increase is 3.9″. That’s enough for me. I have spent 12700 something but now ihappy and satisfied height. Health is also awesome. Love you height growth plus. Thanku so much. I am happy living just because of height growth plus and my brother.

  9. Ajay Singh

    I was very depressed in my life Due to Short Height but after taking Height Growth Plus my life is Completely changed I increased my Height 10.15cm and felt a very positive change in my personality.

  10. Liam Enamuel (verified owner)

    J’ai appris à connaître la croissance en hauteur et un ami qui le prenait également à partir de 2 mois. Il en tirait des avantages. Donc, d’après sa recommandation, je l’ai commandé. Au début, j’étais réticent car il montrait moins de résultats que je m’y attendais. Mais après avoir suivi l’e-book fourni et pris constamment le produit à la suite du guide a commencé à montrer. Après 3 mois, ma taille a augmenté jusqu’à 3 pouces. Après avoir suivi tout le parcours, ma taille est passée de 5’8 à 5’4. Cela m’a aidé à grandir de 4 pouces de plus. Allez-y sans arrière-pensée. Merci pour ce superbe produit.

  11. Mani Kumar

    ★★★★★ I tried many products from the market like Ayurvedic, Herbal, Capsules, Powder I tried everything and by some products, I got sick also.
    At last, I connect with Height Growth Plus, there Guidance and Product is really Powerful, Height Growth Plus seriously changed my life my height increased by 12.7cm
    Big Thanks to Height Growth Plus. ★★★★★

  12. S. K Subramaniam (verified owner)

    குறுகிய உயரம் காரணமாக நான் என் வாழ்க்கையில் மிகவும் மனச்சோர்வடைந்தேன். ஆனால் ஹைட் க்ரோத் பிளஸ் எடுத்த பிறகு என் வாழ்க்கை முற்றிலும் மாறிவிட்டது. இது எனது உயரத்திற்கு 7.1 செ.மீ.க்கு உதவியது. இப்போது எனது ஆளுமையில் மிகவும் சாதகமான மாற்றத்தை உணர்கிறேன், சமூக கவலை முற்றிலும் இல்லாமல் போய்விட்டது.
    (Kuṟukiya uyaram kāraṇamāka nāṉ eṉ vāḻkkaiyil mikavum maṉaccōrvaṭaintēṉ. Āṉāl haiṭ krōt piḷas eṭutta piṟaku eṉ vāḻkkai muṟṟilum māṟiviṭṭatu. Itu eṉatu uyarattiṟku 7.1 Ce.Mī.Kku utaviyatu. Ippōtu eṉatu āḷumaiyil mikavum cātakamāṉa māṟṟattai uṇarkiṟēṉ, camūka kavalai muṟṟilum illāmal pōyviṭṭatu.)

  13. Amui

    M 24yrs and my height only 5.2″ and I want to increase my height atleast upto 5.6 so,any successful Heightgrowth user plz watsapp me 6002234144

  14. Pulkit Parashar (verified owner)

    Works wonder. I was preparing for Police service but my height was few inches less than average for selection. I tried 23 products but that didn’t help. Then I got to know about height growth plus through a friend who was also taking it from 2 months. He was getting benefits from it. So from his recommendation, I ordered it. At first, I was reluctant cause it showed fewer results as I expected. But after following the provided e book and constantly taking the product as guided the result started to show. After 3 months my height increased upto 3 inches. After taking the complete course my height became 5’8 from 5’4. It helped me grow 4 inches taller. Go for it without any second thought. Thank you height growth plus for this superb product.

    • Height Growth Plus (verified owner)

      Thank You So much Pulkit for your kind words. We are happy that you get the desired result. We feel motivated by the words from our customers.

  15. Ravi

    I don’t know this all reviews is real or fake. But i don’t want to waste my money because i am from lower family. so can anyone of you please tell me its really works or not. Its my no. Please contact me 9721361132. Whatsapp me.

  16. Thomas Samuelle (verified owner)

    I have taken a full course of 100 days. I was waiting to write this review after taking the whole course. I was 5 foot 1 inches (155.44 cm ) and height growth plus helped me to be 5 foot 4 inches (164.59 cm). It increased 0’3 (9.14 cm) inches of my height. I am thankful to Biohealthcart for this wonderful product. I recommend this to everyone.

  17. Kk

    Didn’t see the single negative feedback, It means they get deleted the negative feedback

    • Biohealthcart Nutrio Pvt Ltd

      Hi kk,

      If you are a user of height growth plus then we really want to hear from you on our Email Id or Phone number as mentioned on the website if you have any query. We see you want to see negative feedback but we really are sorry because there are very few of them. On Google, Facebook or any other platforms there isn’t an option to delete reviews or edit them because their policy won’t allow. Also, we can’t add a review by ourselves because the website mechanism detects it and delete it automatically.

  18. Urvasi Pradhan

    I was hesitating from buying this product but after taking continuously for 4 months, I started getting the result. It is not that much as I wanted but I am satisfied with the result. Looking forward to completing the course and then I will give the proper review of the product.

  19. Shikha Malhotra

    Really helpful. Worked for me.

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